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Protect Your Business From Hail

When building, purchasing, or retrofitting your building in a hail-prone area, follow these recommendations to reduce damage.

1. Ensure roof is in good condition

Inspect your roof, repair any wear and tear, and replace it when necessary. Learn how to inspect and maintain your commercial roof.

2. Select impact-rated skylights

  • Select products that (1) meet at a minimum ASTM E1886 cyclic pressure test requirements and (2) are ASTM E1996 missile impacted rated “B,” “C,” “D,” or “E.”
  • Alternatively, use products that are either FM Approved per ANSI/FM 4431 with severe hail rating, or Miami-Dade County Approved (MDCA) with current notice of acceptance.

3. Protect roof-mounted HVAC equipment

  • Select equipment that is capable of withstanding hail impacts or install protection such as hail guards, shields, and wire mesh. If a hail guard or shield is installed, it should also be properly designed to resist estimated uplift pressures as defined by ASCE 7.

4. Select impact-resistant solar panels

Select solar panels designed to International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standards, per the IEC 61215 code, which includes a provision for impact resistance. The code requires that panels meet the FM 4473 Class 4 impact test rating as part of the IEC requirements.

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